Friday, 19 September 2008

Acer Aspire One netbook with internal 3G for 1€ plus t-mobile contract

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German mobile gigant today published not one but three press releases regarding their plans for mobile internet access.

They list the following netbooks:

ASUS eee PC 901Go
with internal 3G for 399 € without contract.

Acer Aspire One
with internal 3G and 6-cell battery for 1 € plus 24 months web’n’walk Connect L contract. Available by mid of November 2008.

LG X110e

Same conditions as Acer Aspire One.


with internal 3G modem and 24 months contract for data-flatrate web’n’walk Connect L. No info on prices.

All 3 press releases of 18.9.2008:

Mobiles Internet original German, english by google
web'n'walk 4.0 orignial german, english by google
Netbooks orignial german, english by google

Related German Language article at IT magazine. english by google

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